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KELME develops an SME Instrument Phase 1 to support the

commercialisation of RUNSAFER

The world of running is experiencing a boom. More and more runners are taking up the sport, with approximately 36% of 15 to 65 year-old Europeans (accounting for 80 Million people) taking the streets, parks, forests, and gyms. However, many people start practicing running and then stop: injuries are the main reason not to run for approximately 60% of European runners.

With the objective of developing an innovative and disruptive solution to prevent and reduce running injuries and to increase market competitiveness by exploiting afterwards the business opportunity, KELME as the major Spanish manufacturer and distributor of sportswear, footwear and equipment for sports, participated in the FP7 Research for the Benefit of SMEs RUNSAFER project. Successfully finalised in October 2014, KELME counts now with a functional prototype of RUNSAFER, consisting of a running shoe with embedded technology to measure biomechanical parameters of running while providing real-time feedback and training recommendations to the runner in order to prevent and reduce running injuries. This project is possible thanks to HORIZON 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Our overall objective is to convert RUNSAFER prototype into a commercially-ready wearable device to increase competitiveness and market share and to strengthen our international expansion, becoming the first sport footwear manufacturing company to offer this added-value product.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº672605


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